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Intelligent environmental heater Joule with remote control via smartphone (iOS, Android) - Black
Eko Joule is an infrared electric heater based on graphene with a patented technology for uniform room heating. The economy indicators of the smart environmental infrared heater will amaze you with their efficiency.
Configure the heater from anywhere in the world and get a report on its operation and expenses in your account in the iOS and Android app — Perenio Smart:
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Integration with the Smart Home system
Management via the app will reduce heating costs by up to 50%
Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Remote control:
Android OS, iOS
Class A product
2 years
The main advantages of the Joule infrared heater:
Eco-friendly and economical solution for heating residential and commercial premises — eco product. You get healthier air with more anions, which prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.
Does not cause allergies — does not accumulate dust and does not circulate air.
Joule products have been tested by the EU authorized body TÜV Nord Baltic, they also have a CE marking confirming their compliance with the requirements of EU directives.
Energy saving — the use of graphene allows the device to evenly heat the room, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.
  • Incredibly low power consumption — only 0.8 kW.

  • We are setting new standards for infrared electric heating with remote control via iOS and Android apps for home, office or business.

  • With the help of the remote control of the Smart Climate Control function through a mobile application, you can remotely control energy costs, warm up the room and provide a warm welcome for your arrival: turning on and off the heater, setting the temperature and timer operation, tracking energy consumption statistics.

  • The goal of our patented technology is to radically change the indoor heating system. The main element of the system is graphene.

  • The use of new technology provides faster and more uniform heating of premises. The efficiency of infrared radiation is much higher than the conventional heating method.
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  • With the economical Perenio Joule heater, your room will receive the maximum amount of heat at a cost of 2 times less than with a conventional heater. It is suitable for a room of 15-24 m.sqr..

  • Eco-friendly heating of the room has a positive effect on the general state of your health, skin, strengthening of immunity, it does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen, maintains a preset temperature regime.

  • Minimalistic and elegant design, thin shapes, thickness of 8 mm, safe eco-friendly materials, tempered durable glass housing make the heater an indispensable element of any interior design.

  • Built-in security sensors will reliably protect your home and will act in case of overheating, power surges and other unforeseen situations: piezo element for blocking energy when the permissible temperature is exceeded, locking the on/off button (Child lock), gyroscope from tipping the device to the floor, multifunctional power button with built-in RGB indicator, protection against power surges.

  • IP44 degree of protection against accidental drops of water or splashes allows you to place the heater inside wet rooms and take a bath with maximum comfort.

  • Simple and easy floor or wall installation with the help of strong fasteners and legs included in the kit will not take much time and is not difficult.
Dimensions and specifications
Overall dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 1000 mm x 356 mm x 32 mm (without brackets).
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Energy conversion efficiency: 99%
  • Cable length: 2 m.

Technical details:

  • Heating type: infrared.
  • Functions: remote control (iOS, Android).
  • Standby power: no more than 1W, heating power: 700–800 watts.
  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
  • Applicable types of protection: current — up to 10 A, voltage — up to 260 V, panel temperature — up to 150 ° C.
  • Effective heating area: 18–25 m².
  • Panel surface temperature during operation: 50–150 ° C
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 B/G/N20, at the rate 2,4GHz.
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  • Electronic gyroscope — disconnection when falling.
  • Aiming range: 2-5 m.
  • Housing: heat-emitting panel made of tempered glass, control unit made of ABS plastic.
  • Power Button: On/Off, with built-in LED indicator.
  • Heating element: a semiconductor material that does not contain metals.
  • Voice assistants: Yandex Alice, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.
  • App for iOS and Android: Perenio Smart.
  • Degree of protection IP44.
  • Warranty: basic 2 years.
  • Certificate: TUV Nord.
Scope of delivery
1. Intelligent environmental heater Joule with control unit and built-in power cable (2 meters).
2. Legs for installation on the floor.
3. A set of mounting screws with dowels.
4. Quick operation guide.
5. Warranty card.

Joule smart ecological heater is equipped with legs, which simplifies installation. You can also easily mount the device on the wall.
  • Automatic room temperature maintenance, remote control and integration with the Smart Home system. Safety of use thanks to a multi-level security system.

  • Zonal heating: You can set the desired temperature in different rooms and save money.

  • Track your energy costs: with the help of the app you will always be aware of the statistics of the energy consumption.

  • Set the temperature mode: Save by setting a constant temperature mode and timer.

  • Full control: Use the smartphone app to monitor the temperature in the home and office.

  • Smart Zone Heating System: Save money and electricity with smart zone heating. If there is no need to heat the whole house, heat only the rooms that are actually used. Intelligent space management will allow you to control expenses and create comfort in your home.
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  • Monitoring energy costs: You have the ability to track your bills directly on your smartphone. Using our application allows you to find out the exact amount spent on heating and control electricity costs. Now you can see its consumption at any time and check its use in one room or in the whole house.

  • Control from anywhere: You can control your heating remotely. The Perenio system allows you to control the temperature wherever you are. Now you will always return to a warm home. Even if there is no Wi-Fi network, you can use the entire set of functions.

  • Creating a heating schedule: with the help of a simple and intuitive application, it is easy to configure heaters to turn on according to a specific schedule. Each room will be heated in its own mode, which will reduce bills to a minimum.
Synching with a smartphone in a minute
1. Download the Perenio Smart app (iOS/Android) to your smartphone;
2. Connect the heater to WiFi;
3. Add your electronic devices and control your home from anywhere.
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