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Eco-friendly infrared heaters
are an innovative heating system by use of which you will start saving money from the first activation of the heater!
Patented technology using graphene
The advantages of buying an ecological heater Joule are that a one-time purchase of infrared electric panels allows you to save daily throughout your life.

This is the perfect combination of energy saving and fast heating.
Traditional heater
Energy-saving Joule
Heating with Joule environmental heater is up to 2 times more efficient than heating with convector heaters, oil heaters or electric boilers.
Advantages of Joule environmental radiator
Unique graphene layer for uniform and uniform heat distribution.
Saving. Up to half the cost compared to other systems.
Healthier air. A large number of anions in the air prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.
Ecology. Infrared panels do not emit harmful substances and do not consume oxygen.
The use of photovoltaics. Heating panels are easily powered by electricity from solar panels. Then heating can become even cheaper.
Does not cause allergies - does not dust and does not circulate air.
Safe heating
The piezoelectric sensor protects the device from overheating by turning off the power when the permissible temperature is exceeded.
Temperature sensor for remote control of individual room settings.
<1 сm
Incredibly thin
Child protection switch in the mobile app.
Overvoltage and surge protection.
Durable tempered glass case.
Gyroscope to prevent the device from tipping over.
Multifunctional invisible power button with RGB diode.
Intelligent temperature control system
This will reduce expenses in your absence and warm up the room before returning home.
Syncing with a smartphone in a minute:

1. Download the Perenio Smart app (iOS/Android) to your smartphone;
2. Connect the heater to WiFi;
3. Add your electronic devices and control your home from anywhere.
Remote control
using the app or voice assistant
Turning the heater on and off.
Keep an eye on energy consumption.
Setting the temperature and operating time.
Ecological heating
Balanced humid microclimate in your home.
Temperature control.
Maintained oxygen level in the air.
Simple assembly
on attached legs or on the wall. The kit includes all the necessary elements for placement or hanging.
1000 mm
horizontally and vertically
360 mm
Minimalistic look
Perfect addition to any interior. Elegant in every sense.
Protection against splashes and dust.
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