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Please check the goods for the presence of external damage in the presence of the courier. The cost of delivery is included in the price and amounts to 20 eur for each product. In the case of returning the goods, the cost of delivery is not compensated.
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What are the features of Joule?
By purchasing a JOULE heating panel, you get a product of the highest quality at the highest technological level. Our products are manufactured in compliance with all quality and safety standards, boasting durability up to several decades of trouble-free operation.

After passing strict control and testing, we have received the TÜV quality and safety certificate, attesting the highest quality of the product.

JOULE infrared heating panels have earned a good reputation in the market and have established themselves among customers who recommend our products. The name JOULE means quality, reliability and durability.

What’s the delivery zone?
We can ship Joule anywhere in the world.
Is Joule safe?
Yes, our heater meets all safety standards. It is equipped with a piezo element preventing overheating of the device, which blocks the power supply when the permissible temperature is exceeded. Joule has a surge protection installed. The gyroscope ensures safety when the heater is tipped over on the floor.
Is it possible to reduce the power of the infrared heater?
The system operates with constant output power. However, you can change the temperature of the panel using your smartphone.
Where can Joule heating panels be used?
Our panels are suitable for installation in private homes, apartments in apartment buildings, offices, service points, public facilities, hospitals, conference halls, hotels and many other places. There are no restrictions in this regard.

If you are interested in inexpensive infrared heaters, the price in our store should be satisfactory. If you have any questions about the assortment, please contact us by phone or email. We will help answer your questions and advise on choosing a suitable model of heating panels.
Is Joule certified?
Joule heaters have TÜV NORD - EMS and LVD certificates.
What is a TÜV certificate?
This is a certificate confirming the quality, safety and compliance of the product with European standards, as well as production with strict quality and safety requirements.

This distinguishes us from Chinese products, which often have a TÜV certificate based only on documentation that was checked. The full certificate of controlled production held by JOULE is also a confirmation for the buyer that our panels are actually manufactured by us, because in order to obtain this certificate, our factory was inspected by employees of TÜV Rheinland in person, and the production process itself was carefully monitored.

How to pay less for better heating?
The answer is to use a more advanced technology for heating.

JOULE heating panels in comparison with conventional heaters can be compared as a smartphone with a landline phone. You can talk through both, but otherwise it's a completely different experience.

Technological progress is observed in all spheres - both in telephone communication and in heating houses. Therefore, it is almost unfair to compare heating panels.

What are the mounting options?
Joule can be mounted on legs or attached to the wall. Everything you need is included.
Which application can I use to control JOULE?
You can install the Perenio Smart app on your smartphone in the Google Play or AppStore (iOS).
How far away from other equipment, such as a refrigerator, TV, etc. should the JOULE be?
The minimum distance from RTV/home appliances is 30 cm.
How should JOULE be looked after?
The JOULE can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth moistened with dishwashing liquid. In extreme cases, when the panels are heavily soiled, you can use a mild cleansing milk. In no case should the panels be cleaned by means which can scratch the surface! Disconnect the panel from the power supply each time before the cleaning and wait for it to cool down.
How often and how should JOULE panels be serviced?
JOULE does not require periodic maintenance and repair.
How to understand the energy efficiency of the JOULE panel?
1. The maximum power of the Joule heater is reached in an average of 3 minutes, which cannot be said about other heaters when it is necessary to wait between 15 minutes and up to several hours, depending on the model and type. So it is possible to get the necessary temperature in the room much faster, spending many times less energy and resources.

2. Joule smart eco heaters can be automated using our Android and iOS software, for example, to set the operating hours of the heater from 9:00 - 17:00, it is also possible to set the on-off mode "After sunset" or "After sunrise", which is very convenient and profitable since the heater works at certain hours, and not the whole day (at the same time there is the possibility of switching off / on in one touch!).

3. The patented Joule heating technology with graphene allows you to heat the  objects in the room, and not the air in between, which cannot be said about conventional heaters (including oil heaters) which heat the air, and then the objects. It should be noted that the warm air in the room can cause allergies in a person or have a bad effect on the work of a person's lungs. When using a Joule heater, a person will feel the heat much faster while keeping fresh air in their home, respectively, it will also reduce your expenses.

4. Thanks to graphene-based technology and a glass heating panel - 1000 mm, Joule allows you to heat all objects in the room at once by acting wider, radiating heat evenly and, accordingly, using energy more efficiently.

5. Joule smart heaters can be connected to solar panels while reducing the energy consumed.
Why is the Joule heater eco-friendly?
1.The Joule eco heater is made of non-toxic materials.
2.The heater is based on tempered glass panels (<95%), only the control unit is made of plastic (>5%)
How does the Joule heater differ from the 800W oil heater?
1. High operating temperature of the oil heater housing, may cause burns when touched.
Due to the patented graphene-based technology, at the maximum power of the Joule heater, the heating panel has a temperature of about 90 degrees, which will not lead to burns, also Joule has a CHILD PROTECTION function in 1 finger touch, which makes it safe and very convenient for you and your children.

2. Slow heating of the room/Inertia of oil heater heating.
The maximum power of the Joule heater is reached in an average of 3 minutes, which cannot be said about other heaters, when it is necessary to wait from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the model and type. So it is possible to get the necessary temperature in the room much faster, spending many times less energy and resources.

3. Large weight of the oil heater.
The weight of the Joule heater is 7 kg, making it easy to handle transferring it to another room.

4. A huge plus of Joule heaters is the possibility of simple installation on the wall, which cannot be done with an oil heater.

5. Joule heaters do not dry the air, which allows you to keep fresh air and microclimate in your home.

6. The oil heater is not intended for continuous operation as the main source of heating, but only as an auxiliary, whereas Joule smart heaters are designed to work continuously in your home as the main source of heat.

7. In case of oil leakage from the radiator, an oil heater may cause a fire!
In case of overheating of the Joule heater, the protection installed on it will simply turn it off, which makes it much safer.
What kind of radiation do these heaters produce and what are they made of?
Long waved infrared radiation.

Joule heater is made of 95% tempered glass, only the control unit is made of plastic.
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